Zarina is stylish women’s clothes

ZARINA, as a fashion brand, reveals the secret of real womanhood creating trendy, stylish, feminine garments. Combination of the refined classical style with original and spectacular details allows the brand to create unique looks.

ZARINA clothing targets at real women who are loving and caring at home, successful and dynamic at work. They have impeccable taste and sense of beauty, they strive for inner harmony and grace.

Clothes are a reflection of a woman’s character and mood, her inner world and unique taste. Allow yourself to be attractive every single day, gladly go out into the street in any weather and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

3 principles of the ideal ZARINA look:

Just to be feminine

ZARINA clothes range from size 42 up to 54, their design will accentuate your merits and hide properly weak points in your figure. They look complimentary. In our fashion catalogue, you’ll find both, impeccable classical styles and spectacular trendy novelties. ZARINA stylish looks will enhance your self- assertion.

Responsive consultants are always ready to answer your questions, help define the size and make an order correctly. Just call the toll-free number: 8-800-250-2423, and enjoy yourself in a new garment!